Granules delivers quality, continuity, cost efficiencies and compliance through our private label OTC products.

Granules Consumer Health is Granules’ front-end products division for private label over the counter (OTC) products in the US products. GCH was established in 2014, to offer OTC generics that meet the highest level of quality at an affordable cost that is much more affordable than brand name products. Granules is well established on bulk supply through efficiencies garnered through manufacturing, integration, and a high level of regulatory compliance. GCH builds on the efficiencies on Granules India’s manufacturing, packages product in the US and supplies products to our store brand partners.

Key Highlights As Of March 30th, 2021:
  • 15 filed ANDA products
  • 10 Monograph products
  • 12 Approved ANDA products

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